The Bahamas may appear to be a perfect paradise, but there are serious issues that threaten the future of the nation.

The Bahamas main industries involve tourism and banking. While Bahamians treat tourists with respect and well-being, youth violence between local communities is growing out of control.

The Bahamas holds one of the highest murder rates in the Caribbean. The majority of those murders typically involve young males.

A large majority of homes in the Bahamas are single-parent homes. The youth are often left to themselves and form gangs within their communities. Without proper role-models investing time into the youth, there tends to be fighting with gangs from different communities, as well as other illegal and harmful activities.

With little hope of a good education after high school, and limited jobs, many youth feel purposeless. Some are never able to leave their small island.

The issues seem to be getting worse, and violence is on the rise.




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